1. Once you are a member you can List an Item via the ‘Place a Listing (Members Only)’ tab at the top of the Home page.
  2. Select the category and sub-category
  3. Enter and add in details about your item to sell then click CONTINUE
  4. Upload 4 images – up to 3.2 megabytes each and are a minimum size of 640 x 480 (which is about a standard file size)
  5. You can preview your listing at this time by clicking on the ‘Preview Ad’ tab at the bottom of the page
    • NB We DO NOT show or give your email addresses out to the public on The Frade. Instead if a seller wants to contact you they simply click on the title ‘Contact Jane Doe’.  However, please note that once you respond via email the seller will have your email address. Frade does not take any responsibility for the completion of the buy/sale/trade/exchange.
  6. If you are happy with the Preview Ad, photos and you’ve checked your spelling then click on ‘FINISH’ and your Listing will appear on The Frade website. Alternately, if you want to edit or change your Ad then click on the corresponding buttons.
  7. Your Listing goes LIVE immediately, so head over to our ‘BROWSE LISTING’ tab and follow the category tabs to find your listing OR go to your profile – ‘LISTINGS’ and you will see it listed along with any other listings you may have.
    • NB if you want to view, edit or delete your listing once it goes live you can via your profile – ‘Listings’ - ‘Listed Item’ and the option buttons associated with that listing.